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Yamaha YRM20 placement machine

Yamaha YRM20 placement machine

Detailed introduction

January 10, 2020 Iwata-Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. (Tokyo: 7272) today announced that the new YRM20 surface mount machine* will be launched on April 1, 2020

Built on a new next-generation platform, this efficient, premium modular placement machine is a smart factory

It utilizes two types of heads: a newly developed high-speed multi-purpose rotary (RM) head that, when combined with the new high-speed feeder, provides the highest installation performance (under better conditions)*2 of 115,000CPH* 3, as well as a 1-print solution that combines high speed and versatility with the newly designed in-line (HM) print head. 

It has a high installation accuracy of ±25μm (Cpk≥1.0) and supports the installation of microchip components with a size of 0201 (0.25×0.125mm).

In addition, the newly developed conveyor can handle a larger plate width of 510mm, and the optimized layout increases transfer speed and greatly reduces the time required to change plates. The overspeed transmission system inherited from the modular Σ series is adopted to achieve high-efficiency production, reduce restrictions on head entry when the front and rear worktables interfere, and increase productivity. 

In addition, the GUI (graphical user interface) on the operation screen has been updated, making intuitive operation easy. 

*1: Surface mount machine: Production equipment designed to mount various electrical components onto PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) and then integrate these devices into electronic products.

*2: The relative mounting capability (CPH) of a 2-beam, 2-head grade surface mount machine under better conditions. Yamaha Motor Corporation Survey, January 10, 2020

*3 CPH (chips per hour): The total number of chips that can be installed per hour (unit time). Indicates processing capabilities under various conditions.

We leverage our strengths with a full range of installation equipment such as surface mount machines, printers, dispensers and inspection equipment. These are based on efficient installation process productivity with a view to interfacing with other equipment, especially installation lines. We are promoting smart factories, and this system can be fully realized.

feature of product

1) A new generation platform embodying smart factories

The YRM20 uses a new machine control system that can cope with the new era of increasing data speed and capacity requirements on the production site. Our new fast and powerful application software interacts with peripheral systems and software seamlessly, securely and without waste. 

The new machine features a unique and effective design created by our UP! (Unique and mature) SMT (Surface Mount Technology) business philosophy. 

2) 2-head device, which combines a rotating head and a multi-function in-line head to achieve the highest productivity

-Next-generation high-speed rotary (RM) head incorporating Sigma technology

New rotating heads tailored for next-generation platforms work with a durable new high-speed feeder and increased tape feed speeds, resulting in 115,000 CPH, the fastest of its kind in the world Fast speeds for excellent productivity.

-Inline (HM) head with updated control system delivers high speed and amazing versatility 

-New servo system and evolving in-line heads combine to achieve extremely fast speeds of 98,000 CPH (under Yamaha Motor's better conditions). Tailored to the 1-head solution concept, the machine can handle one type of ultra-small components, large components and everything in between in a lightning-fast, versatile package.

3) High-precision, high-quality microchip installation

The new design of X-ray reduces thermal deformation and can be used under high-precision mounting conditions of ±25μm (Cpk≥1.0). This allows the machine to handle 0201 size microchip components. 

Mountable component sizes are from 0201 to 12 x 12 mm for the RM head and W 55 x L 100 mm for the HM head. 

The machine's new component recognition camera switches between line and area images for flexible, faster, higher quality recognition. 

Additionally, new ID-linked nozzles enable high-speed, low-impact installation with a lighter nozzle slide. Maintenance is also more efficient than ever as the nozzles can be used with an automatic nozzle changer.

4) Faster production speed

The newly developed conveyor can handle a larger board width of 510 mm, has an optimized layout and faster transportation speed, significantly shortening the change time of printed circuit boards, thereby increasing the effective production cycle time. 

The machine also uses ultra-speed motion, which features Sigma technology for efficient production. Reducing head entry restrictions when front and rear desks interfere, further improving actual productivity.

5) Operation interface GUI that improves controllability and visibility through newly designed applications

The new GUI features an advanced design and easy-to-read layout for intuitive user control. A new operator mode increases controllability on the production floor by allowing users to operate only necessary controls. 

In addition, thanks to the new vision system and interface, the time required to create part data for parts with complex shapes has been significantly reduced.

YRM20 basic specifications

 High-speed multi-function rotating head in-line HM head

Applicable components 0201 – 12 x 12mm, height 6.5mm or less 0201 – 55mm wide x 100mm long, height not exceeding 15mm

Mounting capacity

(In high productivity mode) 115,000CPH 98,000 cubic meters

Installation accuracy

(In high-precision mode) Yamaha Motor's better conditions: ±0.025 mm Cpk≧1.0

Number of component types Batch exchange cart: Up to 128 types = 32×4 (8mm tape feeder conversion)

Applicable circuit board size dual-stage specifications: length 810 x width 510 mm - length 50 x width 50 mm)

Power supply three-phase AC 200/208/220/240/380/400/416 V±10% 50/60 Hz

Air source 0.45 MPa or above, clean and dry state

Overall dimensions (excluding projected parts) Length 1,374 x Width 1,948 x Height 1,445 mm

Weight 2250kg


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