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Precautions for using the placement machine Feida



The placement machine feeder is called feeder in English and is often called a feeder or feeder in Chinese. The main function of this device isto provide electronic components to the placement machine , similar to the bowl that people use when eating. There are many types of feeders. Different brands and models of feeders are not universal, but their basic usage methods are similar. In order to ensure that the placement machine can complete the work efficiently and accurately, the appropriate feeder must be selected based on factors such as the width, shape, size, weight, component spacing, and type of electronic components.

Taking the most common reel tape as an example, when selecting a feeder, it usually needs to be determined based on the width of the tape. Common tape widths are 8mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, etc. These widths are all multiples of 4. During operation, anti-static gloves must be worn to ensure safety and accuracy of operation. At the same time, when transporting and installing the feeder, you must handle it with care to avoid unnecessary damage to the equipment.

How to use the SMT feeder, taking the reel material tray as an example:

1. First, carefully check the materials to be processed to ensure that they meet the processing requirements.

2. Determine the type of tape feeder to use based on the width of the tape.

3. Before proceeding with patch processing, conduct a comprehensive inspection of the selected feeder to ensure that it is in good condition and has no abnormalities.

4. Open the feeder, pass the braid through the feeder muzzle, and install the cover tape on the feeder as required.

5. Install the feeder on the feeding trolley. During the installation process, pay attention to keeping the feeder and feeding table vertically placed. At the same time, handle it with care and wear electrostatic gloves to prevent static electricity from causing damage to the equipment.

6. When changing trays and loading materials, first confirm the code and direction, and then load materials according to the direction of the loading table to ensure that the placement machine can complete the work accurately and efficiently.

Through an in-depth understanding of the placement machine Feida, we can better understand its use methods and precautions, thereby ensuring the stability and efficiency of the placement machine in the production process.

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