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SMT reflow soldering technology principle



Reflow soldering technology is an indispensable part of modern electronic manufacturing, and its technical principles are the perfect combination of precision and efficiency. This technology mainly relies on infrared radiation to heat circuit boards and the electronic components on them. When the circuit board enters the reflow soldering equipment, infrared radiation is like warm sunlight, gently falling on the circuit board, causing the solder paste to gradually melt and flow at the preset temperature.

During this process, the solder paste gradually transforms from a hard solid state into a flowing liquid state. As the temperature further rises, the liquid solder paste forms temporary "sticks" between the component pins and the circuit board pads. bridge". As the welding process progresses, the liquid solder paste gradually cools and solidifies, eventually forming a stable electrical connection, completing the welding between the electronic components and the circuit board.

The temperature control accuracy of reflow soldering equipment is very important. It is like a rigorous conductor, accurately controlling the temperature changes of each soldering link. By precisely controlling the temperature curve, the equipment ensures that the solder paste melts, flows and solidifies at the appropriate temperature, thereby ensuring welding quality.

Reflow soldering technology has brought revolutionary changes to modern electronic manufacturing due to its high efficiency, stability and reliability. It not only improves production efficiency, but also greatly improves product reliability and stability, laying a solid foundation for the development of the electronics industry.

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