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Things to note when transporting and hoisting SMT placement machines



As a high-tech product, the placement machine is relatively large in size and weight. Therefore, when purchasing the placement machine , customers need to provide details of their factory in advance. This is because our customers' workshops are often located in high-rise buildings. Understanding the workshop situation in advance helps us better formulate lifting plans, accurately calculate costs, and strictly control safety details.

In order to ensure safe operation, we need to conduct detailed surveys of the customer's workshop and site. Understanding the situation on the spot will help us clarify the hoisting construction plan and ensure that the construction process is safe, efficient, and saves time and effort. Specifically, we need to pay attention to the following aspects of the on-site situation:

1. The width of the factory gate, the openness of the site and the height of the factory building. These factors will directly affect the type of vehicle we choose, such as how big a crane and truck are needed, and how high a crane needs to be prepared. These details are critical to ensuring a smooth construction process.

2. SMT machines usually have high environmental requirements and usually need to be operated in a dust-proof and anti-static workshop. Therefore, after hoisting into the workshop, we need to use special air cushions for shifting to protect the ground and ensure the safety of the equipment.

3. Communication with customers is also very important. Through communication with customers, we can obtain accurate factory data and photos, thereby reducing errors in relocation and lifting plans and budgets. This goes a long way in saving our costs while also ensuring customer satisfaction.

Understanding the customer's workshop and site conditions in advance and conducting detailed surveys and communications are crucial to ensuring the safety, efficiency, and time-saving of placement machine hoisting construction. This will help us provide better services to our customers while reducing our own costs.

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