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What equipment does the smt production line contain?


 In our daily lives, there are many and various electronic products. Electronic products do not just appear on various shelves. They need to go through a series of production processes such as patch processing, plug-in processing, and assembly and packaging. Manufacturing, then what equipment is needed for production in the patch processing process? What equipment does the entire production line include? The editor of Tepuco will tell you about this aspect below.

The SMT production line includes patch assembly and plug-ins. The assembly, packaging, and testing of the back-end generally belong to the back-end.

The equipment of the smt production line is as follows

Board loading machine: It mainly inserts the PCB board into the docking station and flows to the solder paste printing machine through the fully automated board loading machine. At present, most factories have achieved fully automated board loading.

Solder paste printer: The solder paste printer is located behind the board loading machine. Its main purpose is to print solder paste on the pads of the PCB board;

SPI: SPI is located behind the solder paste printer. It is used to test the printing quality of the solder paste of the solder paste printer to prevent it from flowing to the back. If problems are found after soldering, the rework cost and trouble will be very high. Therefore, use SPI to remove the solder paste first. Defects in printing quality will be detected to reduce the final defective rate;

SMT machine : The SMT machine is mainly used to mount various components. There are high-speed SMT machines and useless SMT machines . If the production capacity is large, multiple SMT machines can be combined together for placement;

Reflow soldering: The main purpose of reflow soldering is to heat-melt the solder paste and then solder the electronic components to the pad;

AOI: AOI mainly checks the quality of welding to avoid quality problems later;

X-RAY: X-RAY is not necessary for the production line, and X-RAY has radiation, so it is offline. After the AOI inspection, X-RAY is used to inspect the welding quality of BGA and other ICs;

Plug-in machine: AI automatic plug-in machine is mainly used for plug-in, replacing manual plug-in. Generally, AI plug-in machine is used only when the quantity is large. The plug-in machine is also divided into horizontal and vertical plug-in machines;

Wave soldering: Wave soldering mainly involves welding the electronic components of the plug-in in a wave-like tin-climbing manner. Of course, the more advanced one is selective wave soldering, which is generally more expensive;

Dispensing machine: The dispensing machine is mainly used to fix aniseed to prevent it from falling off during transportation and use;

Angle shearing machine: Angle shearing machine mainly replaces manual angle shearing, which is to remove the excess feet from the components after wave soldering of the plug-in;

Board splitting machine: The board splitting machine mainly cuts the panels and finally creates PCBA boards piece by piece.

    The above equipment is the main equipment of the SMT production line. Of course, it also includes some other peripheral equipment of SMT, such as connecting stations, cooling connecting stations, cache machines, etc. For each product, different companies will configure different equipment, but SMD Machines , reflow soldering machines, and solder paste printing machines are necessary, so production equipment should be selected according to the production process of the product and customer requirements.



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