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Tepco briefly talks about some main accessories on the placement machine


The placement machine is the core equipment of the SMT production line. The production capacity of the production line isdetermined by the placement machine . The placement machine is an SMT equipment and must be composed of a lot of hardware. Below, the editor of Tepuco will tell you Let’s introducewhat are the common hardware components of placement machines .

SMT cylinder

The cylinder of the placement machine is generally used in combination with the solenoid valve. It mainly plays the role of lifting and braking, including the lifting and lowering of the cylinder on the placement head and the workbench. The cylinder will expand and contract according to the signal of the solenoid valve. The cylinder will be worn and dust will enter during use, so regular inspection and maintenance are required to maintain stable performance of the placement machine . If air leakage occurs, the sealing ring needs to be replaced. If the piston is worn, the cylinder needs to be replaced.

2. SMT filter

The filter of the placement machine mainly plays the role of compression and filtration. The cleanliness of the packaging gas. If the filter is stained, the filtration effect is not good, which will affect the suction of the nozzle, thus affecting the overall placement efficiency and quality effect. The filter needs to be replaced regularly and is a consumable accessory. The patch factory needs to keep filters on hand.

3. SMT reflective cap and reflective plate

The reflector plate of the placement machine is used to detect the size and nozzle number of electronic components. When the placement machine has poor recognition, the reflector plate and reflective cap need to be replaced.

4.SMT conveyor belt

The conveyor belt of the placement machine is used to transport PCB boards. During long-term use, the conveyor belt may age, wear, etc. Therefore, the conveyor belt needs to be replaced regularly to ensure the stability of the conveyor belt, thereby ensuring the stability of the board without distortion or distortion. Unevenness causes distortion of placement accuracy.

5. SMT timing belt

The synchronous belt of the chip placement machine is composed of a zigzag belt with equal intervals on the surface and a corresponding matching wheel. When working, the power is transmitted through the combination of the tooth grooves of the belt teeth and the wheel. The synchronous belt transmission has an accurate transmission ratio.

6. SMT bearings

The function of the bearing of the placement machine is to limit the position. It can only be rotated by the fixed shaft and cannot move in the axial and radial directions. The second is support. The bearing is awidely used standard part of the structural column of the placement machine and requires operation. Smooth, long-term operation will cause wear and tear, and it needs to be checked regularly. If it affects the normal operation of the equipment, it needs to be replaced.

The placement machine is composed of many accessories. The wear and abnormality of one accessory will affect the efficiency of the placement machine . Therefore,it is very important to perform regular maintenance on the placement machine to ensure stable production.



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