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Seven features of multi-function placement machines


Seven features of multi-function placement machines

1. The structure of multi-functional chip placement machines mostly adopts the arch structure, which has the characteristics of high oil precision and good flexibility.

2. In the X and Y positioning systems, fully closed-loop servo motor drives are mostly used, and linear grating encoders are used for direct position response to prevent errors in screw rod distortion and deformation. Some use dual motors and dual screw rods to drive the Y-axis at both ends of the channel. There are more advanced linear magnetic levitation motors, which in addition to technical features such as dual drive, also have the characteristics of direct drive, less wear of the mechanical structure, fast response, quietness, easy maintenance and precision.

3. Most of the multi-function placement machines use circuit board fixed type, and use the movement of the placement head to achieve X and Y positioning. Large or heavy components will not be displaced due to inertia due to the movement of the table.

4. In addition to using traditional vacuum nozzles when picking up materials, special nozzles can be used for special-shaped components that are difficult to pick up. In addition, pneumatic clamps can be used for components that cannot be picked up with vacuum nozzles.

5. Can withstand all material packaging methods, such as tape and reel, tube, box and tray. In addition, when there are a lot of materials on the tray, a multi-layer special tray feeder can be installed.

6. In some products, some perforated plug-in (Pin h Paste) components also need to be mounted at the same time as other chip components and reflow soldered. The insertion of such perforated plug-in components requires a machine with high pressure placement. talent. The placement heads of some multi-function placement machines have the capability of high-pressure placement. The placement pressure can be controlled by the program, and the maximum can reach 5kg. Panasonic placement machine

7. When calibrating components, an upward-looking camera is generally used, which has functions such as front light, side light, backlight and online light, and can identify various components. If the size of the component is too large and exceeds one field of view (FOV) of the camera, the upward-looking camera can also perform comprehensive analysis and correction after taking multiple images. Some multi-function placement machines are also equipped with placement heads. The head-mounted mobile camera can identify various smaller components.



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