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What types of SMT accessories usually include?


SMT (Surface Mount Technology) accessories are electronic components used in the SMT process, including various components that are mounted on the surface of the PCB. SMT accessories usually include the following types:

1. Chip components: including chip resistors, chip capacitors, chip inductors, etc. These components are usually soldered directly to the surface of the PCB using surface mount technology.

2. Chip-type components: For example, integrated circuits packaged in SOT, SOP, QFP, etc., their pins are very fine pads and require high-precision SMT equipment for welding.

3. SMD diodes and SMD transistors: These components are usually packaged in plastic and can be mounted directly on the PCB surface.

4. SMT connectors: including pin headers, sockets, terminals, etc., used to connect various parts of electronic equipment.

5. Chip resistor network and chip capacitor network: Multiple resistors or capacitors are integrated into one package to facilitate mounting and welding.

6. LED and light-emitting diode: Light-emitting components widely used in modern electronic products, usually mounted using SMT process.

7. SMT sensors: including temperature sensors, photoelectric sensors, etc., used to sense and measure environmental parameters.

These SMT accessories usually feature small size, light weight, high performance, and high reliability, and are suitable for applications where modern electronic products have high volume, weight, and performance requirements. In the SMT process, these accessories need to be welded and fixed by placement equipment, hot air furnaces and other equipment to achieve efficient and precise circuit assembly.



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