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pcb online splitter

pcb online splitter

Detailed introduction

pcb online splitter

pcb online splitter

Advantages of pcb fully automatic depaneling machine: high precision | high efficiency | wide applicability Shenzhen Topco Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in providing high-quality depaneling machines for electronic manufacturers.

Product functions and features:


01. Japanese original precision high-speed spindle

The speed of the original NSK spindle system can range from 0 to 60KRPM. The motor uses air-cooling to reduce heat dissipation space and has high torque. The imported spindle can reduce maintenance costs (the spindle is separated from the motor). The cutting force is small, the plate edge is smooth, and the precision is high.

02.Camera recognition function

The entire series of camera visual programming is equipped with a high-speed CCD visual automatic correction system, which is particularly suitable for high-precision and high-throughput PCB deboarding operations, greatly improving cutting accuracy and operating efficiency.

03.Double table operation

Dual work platforms place workpieces on dual table tops, which can perform panel cutting and circuit board placement at the same time, reducing waiting time, increasing production capacity, and improving operating efficiency.

04. Graphical window

The software operation interface is simple and easy to learn, easy to learn and use, and the editing settings of the split board program can be done directly on the screen.

05. High-efficiency motor and vacuum cleaner

The straight-cylindrical filter bag adopts a straight-cylindrical filter bag. The dust and debris after cutting are collected centrally after being beaten. It is equipped with an air outlet switching device to increase the dust collection air volume.

pcb online splitter

Shenzhen Topco Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in providing the following SMT equipment to electronic manufacturers:

MPM printing press , Koh Young  SPI

Panasonic placement machine Fuji placement machine Siemens placement machine placement machine rental

Meilu AOI , Vitronics Soltec reflow soldering

The entire SMT production line equipment, as well as spare parts, services and solutions.


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Address: 201, Building 4, Innovation Port, Hanyu Bay, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen