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Yamaha YV100II placement machine

Yamaha YV100II placement machine

Detailed introduction


Yamaha YV100II chip placement machine specifications 

Chip theoretical speed 0.25sec/chip 
installation range 1005~qfp'sqp'soj'plcc (25mm) bga (0.4p) 
positioning accuracy is plus or minus 0.08mm 
PCB size l460*w250 (larger)/l50*w50 (minimum) 
device Size l1650*w1350*h1810 
higher power 4KVA 
equipment weight 1300kg 

The mechanical structure is simple and made of cast frame to ensure durability and stability.

The circuit control department is uncomplicated and easy to maintain. DOS operating system

The menu is relatively simple and easy to operate, with one working head and 8 suction nozzles,

Dimensions of materials can be posted and you can install precision cameras

Improve placement accuracy. The theoretical speed is 14400 points per hour,

The actual production capacity is about 8,000 units, suitable for small batch production.

Yamaha YV100II Parameters 
1. Basic structure of high-speed machine based on reliability 
2. Protection components of the bracket 
3. 0.25 seconds / CHIP high-speed installation 
4 pieces can be installed with 0.5 feet pitch 32mm QFP 
5. High-speed image processing 
6.2 cameras reduce production time 
7. New Designed high rigidity frame 
8. Increases the speed of the axis 
9. Can handle various components 
10. Most suitable for computer SIMM production with 8 wire heads 
Substrate size: L600*W400 (larger)/L50*W50 (minimum) 
Substrate thickness 0.4 -3.0 
Substrate conveying direction right-left 
mounting accuracy ±0.1mm / CHIP ±0.08 / QFP 
mounting speed 0.25 seconds / CHIP 1.7 seconds / QFP 
original type ribbon original: 100 (larger, 8MM with conversion) 
paper box original: 80 Kinds (TMAX, YTF use) 
supply 8-56mm wideband prototype, rod, bulk, pallet 
placement original 1005~QFP'SQP'SOJ'PLCC (25mm) BGA (0.4p) 
power supply three-phase AC220/208/230/240/380 /400/416V±10%, 50/60HZ 
power supply 4KVA 
pressure above 0.55MPA, 350MIN 
size L1650*W1350*H1810 
weight 1300KG 
patch speed 12000 (grain/hour) 
Weight 1300 (kg)


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Contact: Miss Jiang

Mail box:

Address: 201, Building 4, Innovation Port, Hanyu Bay, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen