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SAKI Online BF-3Di AOI

SAKI Online BF-3Di AOI

Detailed introduction

Product name: SAKI online AOI automatic optical detector BF-3Di

Brand: SAKI

Origin: Japan


Introduction to SAKI online AOI automatic optical detector BF-3Di:

1.1 Principle of projection system - 2D + 3D detection

2D image + 3D image

SAKI online AOI automatic optical detector BF-3Di can acquire 2D and 3D images at the same time



Full board 3D inspection

The SAKI online AOI automatic optical detector BF-3Di uses the phase system of stripe light projection to calculate height information. This is difficult to achieve with other technologies.

4-directional stripe light projection technology

Use projections in 4 directions to detect components. Multi-angle striped light can avoid the influence of shadows on the detection results.

If two sets of projections are used, the occlusion caused by tall components will affect the height detection in some areas. BF-3Di uses projection in 4 directions. In areas with tall components, projection systems from other angles can be used to complete height detection. .

SAKI online AOI perfectly corresponds to various component types

SAKI online AOI automatic optical detector BF-3Di uses a multi-group stripe light system. By projecting black and white stripe light in wide and narrow modes, the height information of various types of components can be stably measured. For example: 0402mm components, black IC bodies, and mirror material components.

1.2/BF-3Di online AOI projection principle –



1.2.2 Larger measuring height: 20mm

BF-3Di online AOI can measure everything from general solder joints to connectors. The height measurement reaches 20mm. There are many different components on the PCB that need to be inspected. BF-3Di can inspect height components such as self-dense IC solder joints and tantalum capacitors. , the height measurement range covers a wide range, so that 3D height measurement of the entire board can be achieved.


2.1 SAKI online AOI innovative technology – detection of tiny components

Perfect 0402mm Chip component detection The application of tiny components is a trend in the SMT industry in the future. The detection capabilities of BF-3Di can perfectly cope with the detection requirements of missing parts, offset, floating and other defective types of 0402mm components. BF-3Di can pass The height measurement perfectly copes with all detection difficulties encountered by traditional 2D AOI after welding, achieving stable testing.




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