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Panasonic AM100 placement machine

Panasonic AM100 placement machine

Detailed introduction


Product model: Panasonic AM100 placement machine

Brand: Panasonic/Panasonic

Origin: Japan/Japan

Panasonic AM100 placement machine technical parameters:

SMT model

Panasonic AM100 placement machine



Substrate size


Placement speed

35 800 cph (0.1006s/chip), 12 200 cph (0.295s/QFP below 12mm)

Mounting accuracy (Cpk≥1)

±50μm/QFP ±12mm or less
±30μm/QFP ±12mm~32mm

Component supply


Braiding width: 4 ~ 56/72/88/104mm

Tape feeder specifications: Max.160 varieties
Tray feeder specifications: Max.120 varieties※1

(Tape width: 4/8 mm when using tape (small reel))


Tape feeder specifications: Max.40 varieties
Tray feeder specifications: Max.30 varieties※1

(When using a single rod feeder)


Tray feeder specifications: Max. 20 varieties ※ 1
Hand-loaded pallet specifications: Max. 20 varieties ※ 2 (option for fixed supply unit)

Component size

0402 chip※3~L120mm×W90mm or L150mm×W25mm (T=28※4)

Substrate replacement time

About 4.0 s (when there are no mounted components on the back)

power supply

Three-phase AC200/220V±10V, AC380/400/420/480V±20V 2.0 Kva

Air pressure source

Min.0.5 Mpa~Max.0.8 Mpa, 200L/min (ANR)

Equipment size

W1 970mm×D2 019mm※5×H1 500mm※6


2 650kg

Panasonic AM100 placement machine performance advantages:

1. AM100 placement machine is a one-piece equipment solution that pursues practical productivity and high versatility.

2.Panasonic AM100 placement machine equipment layout·Rich options

3. Panasonic placement machine AM100 has strong versatility

4.LED installation

5. Panasonic chip placement machine with high productivity

6. Quality improvement

Panasonic AM100 placement machine structural features:



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