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Siemens placement machine F5

Siemens placement machine F5

Detailed introduction


Equipment name: Siemens placement machine F5, Siemens F5 placement machine , second-hand Siemens F5HM placement machine

Equipment introduction:

   Second-hand Siemens F5 placement machines are generally equipment from around 2002, with Windows/RMOS operating system and 1 arm.

The Menzi placement machine has the fastest placement head design in the world and is deeply loved by customers for its simple operation, convenience and flexibility.


Our company has long imported second-hand Siemens F5 placement machines from Europe, the United States, Japan and other overseas countries . The machine has a short usage time, is well maintained, and is in good production condition. We provide reservations for overseas models and have obvious price advantages. The company specializes in placement machines, SMT peripheral equipment and accessories. Recycling, buying and selling, leasing, please call us for consultation!

Siemens placement machine F5 parameters


1. Type of placement head: 12 nozzle collection placement head or 6 nozzle collection placement head and IC head

2. Number of cantilevers: 1
3. Patch range: 0201 to 55 x 55 mm
4. Patch speed (theoretical value): 12 nozzle placement heads: 11000 pieces/hour - 6 nozzle placement heads: 8500 Chips/hour-IC head: 1800 pieces/hour
5. Material rack support: 118 pieces, 8mm tape
6. Higher placement accuracy (4sigma):
                           12 nozzle collection and placement head: 90um
                           6 nozzle collection and placement head : 60um
                           IC placement head: 40um
7. Applicable substrate: 50x50mm~508 x 460mm, optional length to 610mm
8. Power: 1.9KW
9. Compressed air requirements: 5.5~10bar, 300Nl/min, pipe diameter 1/2" Single track/double track optional
10. Operating system: Windows/RMOS
11. Feeder truck: equipped with wheel disc, reel rack and waste box, waffle plate converter (WPC)


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Contact: Miss Jiang

Mail box:

Address: 201, Building 4, Innovation Port, Hanyu Bay, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen