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Siemens placement machine SIPLACE X4i S

Siemens placement machine SIPLACE X4i S

Detailed introduction

Siemens placement machine SIPLACE X4i S machine parameters:

Number of cantilevers: 4

IPC speed: 125,000cph
SIPLACE benchmark: 150,000cph
Theoretical speed: 200,000cph
Machine size: 1.9x2.3m
Placement head features: SpeedStar
Component range: 0201 (metric)-6x6mm
Placement accuracy: ±36μm/3σ
angular accuracy : ±0,5°/3σ
Larger component height: 4mm
Mounting force: 1,3-4,5 Newtons
Conveyor belt type: single track, flexible dual track
conveyor belt mode: asynchronous, synchronous, independent placement mode
PCB format: 50x50mm- 610x510mmmax
PCB thickness: 0,3-4,5mm (other sizes can be customized on request)
PCB weight: 3kg more
Component supply and feeding Feeder                                    
capacity: 148 8mmX feeder module
Feeder module type:        
SIPLACE Component trolley, SIPLACE matrix tray feeder (MTC) 4, waffle tray (WPC5/WPC6) 4, JTF-S/JTF-MSIPLACE, X feeder,

Tray plate, vibrating tube, vibrating feeder, customized OEM feeder module
Pickup rate: ≥99,95%
DPM rate: ≤3dpm
Lighting level: Level 6 illumination
ASM performs professional work within the recommended range and interval period Maintenance ensures that SIPLACE equipment provides specified performance and accuracy throughout its life cycle.

Our diverse maintenance contracts make the job easier.
1 Only for the main body of the equipment
2 Use the SIPLACE powerful placement head to provide greater 30N placement pressure
3 Extended input and output guide rails can allow the board length to reach 850 mm
4 Only available for SIPLACEX2S, X3S and X4S - not applicable to SIPLACEX4iS
5 Cannot be used on the same placement Installation area merged
6 based on evaluation criteria


Product features of Siemens chip placement machine SIPLACE

Accuracy (applicable to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, LED placement, etc.).
Provide customers with the highest speed, lower dpm, stable 0201 (metric) processing capabilities, non-stop setting conversion and rapid new product introduction and other functions.
The SIPLACEX series has a modular cantilever function and can provide 2, 3 or 4 cantilevers.


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Address: 201, Building 4, Innovation Port, Hanyu Bay, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen