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Siemens placement machine D4

Siemens placement machine D4

Detailed introduction

 Siemens placement machine SIPLACE D4i machine parameters:


Number of cantilevers: 4  

Number of placement heads: 4  

IPC speed: 57.000cph  

SIPLACE Benchmark: 66.000cph  

Theoretical speed: 81.500cph  

Component range (mm²): 01005 to18,7x18,7  

Placement head characteristics: 12nozzleCollect&Placehead  

Mounting accuracy: ±50μm/3σ  

Angular accuracy: ±0,53μm/3σ  

Conveyor belt type: SIPLACE single track, flexible double track  

Conveyor mode: asynchronous, synchronous  

PCB size: 50x50mm²-610x508mm²  

PCB thickness: 0,3-4,5mm² (other sizes can be customized upon request)  

PCB weight: 3kg more                 

Feeder capacity: 144 3x8mmS feeders  

Feeder module type: SIPLACE waffle tray (WPW), SIPLACE feeder truck                        

Pickup rate: ≥99,95%1  

DPM rate: ≤5dpm2  

Lighting level: Level 6 illumination  

1 cannot be combined in the same placement area  

2According to evaluation criteria  



Product features of Siemens placement machine SIPLACE D4i:  

SIPLACEDi: better balance  

Thanks to the perfect combination of technological innovation and mature technology, the SIPLACEDi series with digital imaging systems has gained a reputation for cost-effectiveness.   

In terms of performance and precision, SIPLACEDi uses innovative technologies that were previously only available on our high-end solutions, including:  

Digital SIPLACE imaging system, SIPLACE flexible dual-rail system and our powerful SIPLACE software.  

 In addition, in terms of investment and operating costs, SIPLACEDi with its mature placement head, stable SIPLACES-feeder and its powerful linear drive,  

Also on top.  


With the above advantages, SIPLACEDi has unparalleled excellent cost performance in the industry and is extremely attractive to existing and potential users.  

Its excellent flexibility and placement quality (01005 capability) make the SIPLACEDi series a popular choice in the standard and high-performance market segments.  

An ideal platform for highly hybrid production environments.  


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