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How to choose a second-hand ASM placement machine?


The placement machine is the core and most critical equipment in the SMT industry, and it usually accounts for more than 60% of the entire production line cost. At the same time, the production capacity of the production line also depends on the placement speed of the placement machine . In the second half of this year, as the epidemic situation improves, the chip placement machine market gradually recovers, and many electronic processing plants have begun to add SMT chip production lines or chip placement machine equipment to prepare for subsequent production capacity.

Second-hand placement machines are relatively new and, importantly, are cheap. Usually, the investment in SMT production line is millions. If it is a small and medium-sized patch processing factory, the cost is still relatively large, so choosing a second-hand patch machine is a more cost-effective solution.

How to choose a second-hand placement machine ?

1. Machine appearance and quality, machine condition

The appearance of the color can reflect the newness of the machine. If the second-hand mobile phone is a first-tier brand, you can buy one that is less than 10 years old. If it is a second-tier or third-tier brand placement machine , it is recommended to buy it within 5 years. The machine status can better reflect the performance of the second-hand placement machine . You can directly turn it on to see the movement of the guide rail, placement head and the sound of the machine running. If necessary, you can directly test the placement capability.

2. Machine origin (domestic or imported)

Second-hand imported SMT machines are generally imported from abroad. The operating time of foreign second-hand mobile phones is relatively short and regular, and the losses are relatively small. It is recommended that second-hand domestic SMT machines should be carefully considered. It is recommended that new machines be selected only with LEDs with large spacing.

A second-hand SMT machine is not in the same condition as a new machine. After the new machine is put into use for several years, the machine parts will be worn. When choosing a second-hand SMT machine , you must choose a reputable and strong second-hand manufacturer that can guarantee the condition and after-sales service of the used machine.



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