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What are the characteristics of high-speed placement machines?


In the early days of the development of SMT machines , high-speed SMT machines mainly referred to SMT machines that specialized in mounting chip components. Gradually, as SMT technology became more and more mature, people's concept of high-speed SMT machines was gradually changing.

According to the placement speed of the placement machine , the placement machine can be divided into medium-speed placement machine , high-speed placement machine and high- speed placement machine . According to the function, the placement machine is specialized in high-speed placement of LED components. The machine is also called a high-speed placement machine .

How can a placement machine be called a high-speed placement machine ?What are the advantages and disadvantages of a high-speed placement machine ?

1. The high-speed placement machine can adopt any structure. Structures include: turret type, composite type and large parallel type, etc.

2. The nozzles of high-speed placement machines usually only have vacuum nozzles.

3. The packaging form of components can usually only be tape and reel packaging and bulk packaging. However, there are also some high-speed placement machines that sacrifice on speed and can accept tube packaging and tray packaging.

4. The placement heads of many high-speed placement machines can be mounted at full speed when picking up and mounting small components. However, when picking up and mounting larger components, the pickup, identification, calibration, and placement of components are difficult. links will reduce the machine's production capacity.

5. The range of components that can be mounted by high-speed placement machines is usually relatively small. The components that can be mounted are generally from 0.4mmX0.2mm~24mmX24mm, and the height of the components is generally 6.5mm. Some high-speed placement heads can only place components up to 5mmX5mm, and the height of the components is only up to 3mm. On the contrary, mounting large components will cause the placement speed to decrease.

6. The high-speed placement machine sacrifices a certain accuracy and some functions of the placement machine to achieve high-speed placement. The currently popular composite and parallel high-speed placement machines have greatly improved this defect.

7. The placement heads of many high-speed placement machines display insufficient defects when identifying components. If most components are calibrated by identifying the shape of the component, comprehensive inspection cannot be achieved when large components are mounted.

All in all, although high-speed placement machines achieve ultra-fast placement speeds in placement technology, this comes at the expense of placement accuracy and functionality. Therefore, high-speed placement machines have advantages and disadvantages. It is recommended that when purchasing a placement machine , you choose a suitable placement machine based on the company's own needs .



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