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Fuji chip placement machine AIMEX IIS

Fuji chip placement machine AIMEX IIS

Detailed introduction


1. Use the NPI support function to support trial products and multi-variety, low-volume production.

Component data can be created automatically on the machine.

When creating a production program, the most time-consuming component data can be automatically created, so image processing errors that occur on the first product when starting a prototype production line or switching production types can be quickly responded to.


2. Can carry up to 130 types of tape components

Because it can carry a large number of tape components, it is the most suitable machine for multi-variety production. In addition, tray loading and tube loading are also available. The material tray unit-LTW can be mounted on either of the two feeding platforms.

The tray unit-LTW can carry up to 48 types of tray components and 27 8mm feeders.

The larger one can correspond to a component height of 38.1mm (1.5 inches).


3. Adopt dual tracks to correspond to independent production

The use of dual transport rails corresponds to the dual-rail production of different types of circuit boards. (option)

At this time, when one side of the track is in production, the other side of the track can be changed, which reduces the time of line change.

In addition, even dual-rail transportation can handle circuit boards with a larger size of 774x318mm.


4. Use the same unit as the NXT series

The placement work head, feeder, image processing camera and other main units are all mature units in the NXT series. 



Technical Parameters:

Target circuit board size (L×W)

48mm×48mm~774mm×318mm (double conveyor rail specification/double conveyor)

48mm×48mm~774mm×586mm (double conveying rail specification/single conveying)

48mm×48mm~774mm×686mm (single conveyor rail specifications)

*The maximum transportable size is (L) 908mm, but circuit boards exceeding 759mm will be restricted in the placement range.

Component type: MAX130 type (converted based on 8mm material band)

Circuit board loading time: Double conveying track: 0sec when double conveying, single conveying: 5sec Single conveying track: 5sec

Transport height: 900mm~950mm

Number of suction nozzles: 1 (or 1 mechanical claw)

Capacity (cph): 3,000

Target component size (mm): 1608~74×74 (32×180) Height: up to 38.1mm

Mounting accuracy (based on the reference positioning point): ±0.050mm (3σ) cpk≧1.00

*±0.038mm is the result of mounting (high-precision adjustment) of rectangular chip components under our company's better conditions.


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Mail box:

Address: 201, Building 4, Innovation Port, Hanyu Bay, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen