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Methods to increase the speed of placement machines


In the SMT production process, in view of the importance of the placement speed of the placement machine , many placement machine manufacturers are doing everything possible to improve the speed of the placement machine . As far as the editor of Tepco currently knows, the general method of increasing the speed of the placement machine is The methods are mainly divided into the following categories:

1. Structural improvement of the placement machine

Using dual tracks, it is possible to carry out PCB placement on one track and deliver boards on the other track, thus reducing the PCB transport time and the standby time of the placement head.

Multiple placement head combination technology

Nowadays, there are double-headed and four-headed structures. The arch structure uses both ends to drive at the same time to prevent the cantilever effect and reduce the mechanical stabilization time.

Combined (or modular) multi-unit structure emphasizes placement speed per unit area.

2. Mounting head and nozzle technology

Lightning placement head

The multi-nozzle structure has up to 30 nozzles on one placement head, with high stability and strong adaptability, and can mount components from 0⒛1 and 01005 to 30 mm × 30 mm QFP components;


3. Motion drive and linear motor technology

Using fuzzy control technology, the movement process is divided into three stages of control, namely "slow, fast, slow", which changes in an "S" shape, so that the movement becomes both "soft" and fast.

It is a zhuanli linear motor that utilizes high positioning accuracy and high repetition accuracy, has high speed and high acceleration, can be quickly and stably (up to 55ms), has small operating current, and can achieve high-precision control.

4. Rapid detection technology

Laser and CCD application cooperation

Dual cameras - separate detection of chip components and large-size ICs, capable of rapid image acquisition and circuit conversion.

5. Feeder technology

The feeding method of the intelligent feeder can reduce manual errors during component replacement. It can change materials without stopping the machine, has a double-belt feeder, and has a large feeder capacity. Some placement machines can reach a capacity of 256 8 mm feeders, and can efficiently feed materials in bulk.

6. Software technology

Various forms of PCB files can be directly optimized to generate patch program files, reducing manual programming time. It is suitable for machine fault self-diagnosis systems and large-scale production integrated management systems, and can intelligently operate the operating system.

That’s all the explanation on how to improve the speed of the placement machine . Topco reminds: When choosing SMT related equipment, you must find a strong company. Shenzhen Topco Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional SMT/AI equipment supplier. , the company focuses on providing SMT/AI equipment, parts, services and solutions. If you need more detailed information about SMT complete line solutions, please contact us.



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