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The difference between pneumatic feeder and electric feeder



There are significant differences in the control principles between pneumatic feeders and electric feeders. You can get a glimpse of it from the name. Electric feeders, as the name suggests, rely on electronic electromagnetic drive motors to transmit and feed materials. This driving method has high accuracy and stability. Therefore, electric feeders have a wide range of applications where precise control of the transmission process is required. Especially when processing very small materials, the electric feeder can ensure the accuracy of material transmission and meet the requirements of high-precision processing.

Although the pneumatic feeder also has the function of driving material, its driving principle relies on air pressure. Driven by air pressure, pneumatic feeders can realize material transmission. Since there will be a certain amount of air pressure dissipation during the process of formation and output, the accuracy of the pneumatic feeder is relatively weak. Therefore, pneumatic feeders are an economical and practical choice when handling situations that do not require high accuracy, such as transporting large materials.

Pneumatic feeders and electric feeders have their own advantages and disadvantages in terms of control principles and application situations. Which feeder to choose depends on the specific application requirements and material characteristics.

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