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MPM solder paste printing machine

MPM solder paste printing machine

Detailed introduction


MPM solder paste printer  Edison product specifications:  

Substrate processing:  

Larger substrate size (XxY): 450mmx350mm (17.72”x13.78”)  

For boards larger than 14", special clamps are required  

Minimum substrate size (XxY): 50mmx50mm (1.97”x1.97”)  

Substrate thickness size:  

FoilClamps (foil clamping system): 0.2mm to 6.0mm (0.007” to 0.236”)  

EdgeLoc (Edge Clamping System): 0.8mm to 6.0mm (0.031” to 0.236”)  

Maximum substrate weight: 4.5kg (10lbs)  

Substrate edge clearance: 3.0mm (0.118")  

Bottom clearance: 12.7mm (0.5") standard. Configurable 25.4mm (1.0")  

Substrate Clamping: Fixed Top Clamping, Table Vacuum Optional: EdgeLoc Edge Clamping System  

Substrate support method: magnetic ejector pins and support blocks  

Printing parameters:  

Larger printing area (XxY): 450mmx350mm (17.71"x13.78")  

Printing release (Snap-off): 0mm to 6.35mm (0" to 0.25")  

Printing speed: 305mm/second (12.0"/second)  

Printing pressure: 0 to 20kg (0lb to 44lbs)  

Template frame size: 737mmx737mm (29"x29") Smaller size templates are available  

Image field of view (FOV): 9.0mmx6.0mm (0.354”x0.236”)  

Reference point type: standard shape reference point (see SMEMA standard), pad/opening  

Camera System: Single Digital Camera - Zhuanli's Split Optical Vision  

Alignment accuracy and repeatability of the entire system: ±8 microns (±0.0003”)@6σ, Cpk≥2.0*  

Technical indicators are expressed through process changes in the production environment. This performance data includes printing speed, table lift and camera movement.  

Actual solder paste placement accuracy and repeatability: ±15 microns (±0.0006”)@6σ, Cpk≥2.0*  

Actual solder paste printing position repeatability based on third-party test system verification  

Cycle time: 30015 seconds including printing and wiping, 20020 seconds including printing and wiping  

Power requirements: 200 to 240VAC (±10%) single phase @50/60Hz, 15A  

Compressed air requirements: 100psi@4cfm (standard operation mode) to 18cfm (vacuum wipe) (6.89bar@1.9L/s to 8.5L/s), 12.7mm (0.5”) diameter pipe  

Machine height: (minus light tower) 1580mm (62.2") at 940mm (37.0") transport height  

Machine depth: 1442mm (56.77")  

Machine width: 1282mm (50.47”)  

Minimum front clearance: 508mm (20.0”)  

Minimum clearance behind: 508mm (20.0”)  

BTB (back to back) configuration: 10mm (0.39”)  


*The higher the Cpk value, the lower the variability of the process specification limits. In a qualified 6σ process (that is, allowing plus or minus 6 standard deviations within the specification limits), Cpk ≥ 2.0. Speedline reserves the right to make changes to technical specifications without prior notice. Please consult the factory for specific specifications.  


MPM Edison solder paste printing machine product features:  


Unparalleled speed, precision and capability  

Edison gives you more productivity than ever before: 15 seconds total cycle time, including print and stencil wipe cycle times. This is due to Edison's design, which greatly reduces the single printing cycle time, thus saving cumulative time.  


When it comes to accuracy, no other printer comes close to the Edison. Edison's unique built-in 8 micron alignment accuracy and 15 micron solder paste printing repeatability (>2Cpk@6σ) are verified by an independent third-party Printing Capability Certification Agency (PCA), which means Edison's solder paste printing repeatability is higher than existing The best presses in the industry are 25% more expensive.  


A Mechanical Capability Analysis (MCA) was conducted using special tools to assess the accuracy and stability of the printing press. The results not only confirmed the superior performance of the printing press, but also met the manufacturer's specifications. The MCA test uses a special glass plate test fixture, and the test proves that the printing press performance meets the manufacturer's specifications.  


High-speed production capacity, optimized process  

Edison's new parallel processing system is fast, dramatically reducing cycle times. Increase throughput by shortening the total printing time per PCB board, thus leaving sufficient time for key functions critical to improving print quality:  

•Low speed printing to improve stability  

•Slowly separate the template to achieve better printing resolution  

•Double stroke operation after wiping  

•Increase the number of wipes to improve yield  

•Excess time can be used to optimize settings, which is more likely to improve yield  


BTB is a flexible dual-channel solution that does not increase the length of the production line. The same single-pass press can also be easily reconfigured to other production lines. The press can be configured as a two-lane back-to-back (BTB) or used individually. 


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