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MPM solder paste printing machine

MPM solder paste printing machine

Detailed introduction


MPM solder paste printer  Momentum BTB 125 product specifications:  

Substrate processing:  

Larger substrate size (XxY): 609.6mmx508mm (24”x20”)  

For circuit boards larger than 20", special clamps are required  

Minimum substrate size (XxY): 50.8mmx50.8mm (2”x2”)  

Substrate thickness size: 0.2mm to 5.0mm (0.008” to 0.20”)  

Maximum substrate weight: 4.5kg (10lbs)  

Substrate edge clearance: 3.0mm (0.118")  

Bottom clearance: 12.7mm (0.5") standard. Configurable 25.4mm (1.0")  

Substrate clamping: Fixed top clamping, bench vacuum  

Substrate support method: Magnetic ejector pin Optional accessories: vacuum baffle, vacuum ejector pin, support block, special clamp, Zhuanli-approved automatic tool, Quik-Tool  

Printing parameters:  

Larger printing area (XxY): 609.6mmx508mm (24”x20”)  

Printing release (Snap-off): 0mm to 6.35mm (0" to 0.25")  

Printing speed: 0.635mm/second to 304.8mm/second (0.025in/second-12in/second)  

Printing pressure: 0 to 22.7kg (0lb to 50lbs)  

Template frame size: 737mmx737mm (29"x29") Smaller size templates are available  

Image field of view (FOV): 10.6mmx8.0mm (0.417”x0.315”)  

Reference point type: standard shape reference point (see SMEMA standard), pad/opening  

Camera System: Single digital camera - MPM's patented up/down vision system  

Alignment accuracy and repeatability of the entire system: ±12.5 microns (±0.0005”)@6σ, Cpk≥2.0*  

Technical indicators are expressed through process changes in the production environment. This performance data includes printing speed, table lift and camera movement.  

Actual solder paste placement accuracy and repeatability: ±20 microns (±0.0008”)@6σ, Cpk≥2.0*  

Actual solder paste printing position repeatability based on third-party test system verification  

Cycle time: 11 seconds standard  

Power requirements: 200 to 240VAC (±10%) single phase @50/60Hz, 15A  

Compressed air requirements: 100psi@4cfm (standard operating mode) to 18cfm (vacuum wipe) (6.89bar@1.9L/sec to 8.5L/sec), 12.7mm (0.5”) diameter tube, ODx9.5mm (3/8” )Pipeline inner diameter  

Machine height (minus light tower): 1589.4mm (62.57") at 940mm (37.0") transport height  

Machine depth: 1394mm (54.88")  

Machine width: 1195.4mm (47.06”)  

Minimum front clearance: 508mm (20.0”)  

Minimum clearance behind: 508mm (20.0”)  

Machine weight: 797kg (1757lbs)  

Weight including box: 1090.5kg (2399lbs)  

*The higher the Cpk value, the lower the variability of the process specification limits. In a qualified 6σ process (that is, allowing plus or minus 6 standard deviations within the specification limits), Cpk ≥ 2.0. Speedline reserves the right to make changes to technical specifications without prior notice. Please consult the factory for specific specifications.  

MPM solder paste printer  Momentum BTB 125 product features:  

An affordable device with exceptional performance and flexibility  

The MPMMomentum BTB 125 is affordable and offers greater flexibility. Can be used as a stand-alone in-line press or configured with another Momentum BTB 125 as two back-to-back presses to achieve dual-channel production. The Momentum BTB 125 has outstanding performance and a high return on investment due to its low initial investment and dual-channel production capacity. Competitor presses come faster. Because it is 200mm shorter than the Momentum Series Elite and HiE presses, it can save floor space when used alone or configured back-to-back. When configured back-to-back, output increases but the production line does not grow. At the same time, the Momentum BTB 125 has the precision and repeatability found in expensive, high-end equipment. The accuracy of the Momentum BTB is the result of precision engineering, system integration and the design of the scraper delivery system, resulting in the Momentum BTB 125's outstanding performance at a relatively low purchase cost.  

Advanced inspection and SPC tools  

Momentum BTB 125 combines expanded 2D detection capabilities, MPM-specific contrast and texture-based technologies BridgeVision® and StencilVision™. As part of the powerful SPC programming tool, pad-level details can be viewed on the screen and device-level results are stored on each board. The combination of detailed processing information, expanded inspection capabilities and the fastest quantitative, post-printing equipment-level data collection allows your process engineers to effectively optimize the system and utilize equipment more efficiently.  

Easy to learn, easy to use  

When ease of use makes the device perform better, users can enjoy lower costs. The Momentum BTB 125 is designed with the operator in mind, so it's easy to learn and even simpler to use. Speedline's Benchmark™ software, based on the familiar Windows® operating system, provides a convenient graphical user interface. Built-in smart device provides guidance on all machine functions, applications and error fixes


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