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French VI series AOI-5K online optical detector

French VI series AOI-5K online optical detector

Detailed introduction


Vi TechnologyVi5K/7K series automatic optical detector imported from France. The Vi5K/7K series are complementary products in the ViTechnology® product lineup. Among them, Vi5K can handle 21-inch x 21-inch boards; Vi7K can handle 21-inch x 24-inch boards. This series also offers dual-rail processing for 21"x11" boards. These new systems are designed to be compatible with the latest pick and place systems available from current placement machine suppliers. These dual rail systems are equipped with asynchronous conveyors to increase throughput



1. Applicable before and after reflow soldering and mixed mode reflow soldering

2. Check: component location, missingness, polarity, component location accuracy, and solder joint quality

3. Provide JEDEC (Joint Electronics Engineering Design Development Federation) standard component library vector image technology inspection tool

4. Real-time statistical process control capabilities and generation of SPC reports

5. The track width is automatically adjusted to accommodate PCB inspection with a larger width of 335mm*335mm.

6. The fastest inspection speed is 250000chip/h

7. LED light source (programmable lighting system)

Technical Parameters:

Machine size: 1110(W)*1351(D)*1892(H) 

Testable PCB: 50*50MM-533*609MM 

PCBTHickness: 0.5-4mm 

FOV size: 61*45mm 

Test speed 9150mm square/sec 

Minimum inspection part: 01005 

CAMERA resolution: 8 million pixels 

Light source system: programmable axial white light, annular white, red and blue light (Features: Different types of parts can be selected 

Lighting, convenient and flexible. 

XY axis control system: linear motor plus grating ruler (features: high precision, fast speed, low noise) 

Power supply: AC220V 50/60HZ 

Advantages: fast test speed, stable test, high accuracy, good repeatability, good test effect, few false tests and few missed tests. 


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135 1032 1270

Contact: Miss Jiang

Mail box:

Address: 201, Building 4, Innovation Port, Hanyu Bay, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen