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MIRTEC MV-7L AOI detector

MIRTEC MV-7L AOI detector

Detailed introduction


MV-7L online automatic optical inspection system.

The MV-7L is fully equipped with a top-view camera and four side-view cameras. Among them, the native resolution of the top-view camera is 4 million pixels (2,048 x 2,048), and the native resolution of the side-view camera is 2 million pixels (1,600 x 1,200). The "Four Corner Illumination System" on this system has been designed to provide four independently programmable zones to provide lighting effects within the inspection area.

The three-step transfer system provides automatic board support and PCB fixing mechanisms, specifically designed to maximize production line output. Precision motion control system provides excellent reproducibility and repeatability. Additionally, a powerful OCR engine performs part identification detection. The MV-7L is specially equipped with ultra-high-speed PCB inspection capabilities, with a speed of 4940 mm per second (7.657 inches per second).

The revolutionary intelligent scanning laser system provides "three-dimensional detection capability" to precisely measure the Z-axis height of a specific area. This advanced technology provides: lifted pin detection for gull-wing devices, four-point height measurement capability for measuring coplanarity of ball grid array (BGA) and chip scale package (CSP) devices, and more robust soldering Paste measuring capabilities.

The optional Side View camera system adds four 2-megapixel side view digital color cameras to improve detection of lifted pins and lifted components. The system also provides solder joint inspection for J-lead and leadless chip carrier (LCC) devices.

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