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Panasonic CM101 placement machine

Panasonic CM101 placement machine

Detailed introduction

Panasonic placement machine CM101

Substrate conveyor, substrate lower support substrate, Stopper Cutting Unit, hand-held Tray, 8 Nozzle Y-axis Twin motor casting chassis for new general use.

Detailed introduction of Panasonic placement machine CM101:
Equipment name: Panasonic placement machine CM101, brand new Panasonic placement machine, Panasonic CM101 placement machine
equipment introduction: basic conveyor belt, support under the substrate, with Tray, 8 nozzle heads for new general use, High-precision Panasonic SMT machine, Panasonic multi-functional SMT machine, can produce

CM common modules with high-speed CM602 and CM402 wiring:
· Equipped with Head(12/3), Nozzle, Feeder, Nozzle Changer, Direct Tray (August)
· 3D Sensor, 100MHz Line Camera, adjustment jig, maintenance jig, NG discharge conveyor belt

production capacity 25,000CPH:
· High-speed installation using Multi Head, high-speed and high-precision identification system, and 1 Head (1 Beam).

Up to 140 varieties/8mm component mounting:
· Can be equipped with a feeder adapted to the variety for production.

Interchangeability with the CM Series:
· Ensure the compatibility of Tape Feeder, Head, etc. with the CM Series.

Continuity to adapt to the expansion of customer scale:
· Can ensure continuity with previous models of the CM series;
· Can cope with the expansion of production scale, with better initial investment.

The evolution after integration of Panasonic's placement machine CM101 is also in sync with the CM series:
· The evolution after integration such as head exchange and the development of the latest technologies cultivated in the CM series can be realized with a minimum investment required



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