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Panasonic CM402-M

Panasonic CM402-M

Detailed introduction


Panasonic CM402-M chip placement machine product parameters:

Model name: CM402-M  

Substrate size: L50mm×W50mm~L330mm×W250mm  

Substrate replacement time: 1.8s (under better conditions)  

Power supply*1: three-phase AC200V, 3.5kVA  

Air pressure source*2: 0.49MPa, 150L/min (ANR)  

Equipment size: W2350mm×D2460mm×H1430mm*3  

Weight*4: 2700kg  


High speed placement head  

Fastest placement speed: 0.06s/chip (Type A)  

Mounting accuracy: ±50μm/chip (Cpk≧1)  

Component size: 0603 chip~L24mm×W24mm  


Multifunctional placement head  

The fastest placement speed: 0.21s/QFP (Type B)  

Mounting accuracy: ±35μm/QFP (Cpk≧1)  

Component size: 0603 chip~L100mm×W90mm  


Product features of Panasonic placement machine CM402-M:  

High production capacity:  

Achieve high-speed production capacity of 60,000 CPH (can reach 66,000 CPH after system upgrade)  

Substrate transport time is as fast as 0.9 seconds. Flexible substrate transportation reduces transportation loss time  

high efficiency:  

CP/CPK self-test function, customers can test the accuracy of the equipment themselves during use of the equipment  

The adsorption rate of 0603 narrow-pitch mounted components and the first-pass pass rate of products are the highest in the entrepreneurial world, such as the currently mass-produced Ipod MP3  

Program-controlled precision press insertion is used to realize automatic insertion of hand-inserted components. For example: I/O Port, special-shaped connector, copper pillar, etc.  

Flexible wiring method:  

Based on the design of a platform, the three models of CM402A/B/C can complete the change of high-speed machine/general-purpose machine/integrated machine by simply replacing the head and adding a hanging tray feeder (TRAY).  

It adopts a large number of mature reliability designs to significantly reduce downtime to achieve high-efficiency production.  

The smallest variety of production line racks in the world. A total of 5 types of material racks can correspond to all taping components  

Realize the intelligence of the tape material rack, automatically select the transmission method according to the components, and have a variety of other intelligent functions  

A single machine can mount up to 216 components  

The one-piece trolley exchange connection/tape/material rack and other peripheral devices enable non-stop material change, and the actual production utilization rate reaches 85%-90%.  

High placement accuracy:  

High-precision placement 50μm (Cpk≧1.0) high-precision base-machine, combined with high-precision calibration function  

Flexible combination of multiple methods to meet various production needs  

Complete software system:  

Simple process software, complete single machine optimization and production line balance optimization at one time  

Adopt LINE COMPUTER management method to monitor production management information and material usage status at all times  

The IPC intelligent component tracking system can not only track PCB IDs and prevent material replacement errors, but also provide quality monitoring and feedback on the entire production line at all times (including monitoring the printing press and reflow oven)


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