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Panasonic placement machine NPM-TT2

Panasonic placement machine NPM-TT2

Detailed introduction


The Panasonic chip placement machine NPM-TT2 is a production line configuration that achieves both high productivity per unit area and versatility. *When directly connected to the NPM-W2, an M-size double-rail conveyor belt (optional) is required. The specifications of the placement head (8-nozzle placement head, 3-nozzle placement head - you can choose between the versatile 8-nozzle placement head or the 3-nozzle placement head with special-shaped component capabilities) can be selected .change. By reorganizing the pallet feeder/exchange trolley, a production line configuration can be realized that can adapt to the component supply form. Using a multi-function identification camera, the identification and inspection in the height direction of the component is realized at a high speed, enabling stable and high-speed mounting of special-shaped components) alternate mounting and independent mounting support

——(Be able to choose a better installation method corresponding to the production substrate) 



Technical Parameters:

C substrate size:

Monorail type: L50mm*W50mm~L510mm*W590mm    

Double rail type: L50mm*W50mm~L510mm*W300mm

M substrate size:

Monorail type: L50mm*W50mm~L510mm*W510mm    

Double rail type: L50mm*W50mm~L510mm*W260mm 

Substrate replacement time

Monorail type: 4.0s (when no components are mounted on the back side of the substrate)

Dual-rail type: 0s* cannot be 0S when the cycle time is less than 4.0s. 

Power supply: three-phase AC200, 220, 380, 400, 420, 480V 2.5kVA

Air pressure source: Min.0.5MPa, 200L/min (ANR)

Equipment size: W1300mm*D2798mm*H1444mm

Weight: 2690kg (Main body only: Varies depending on the configuration of optional parts.)


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Contact: Miss Jiang

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Address: 201, Building 4, Innovation Port, Hanyu Bay, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen