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Siemens placement machine

Siemens placement machine

Detailed introduction

Siemens placement machine X4S


Siemens SIPLACE X4S top SMT line, wherever the nominal values of the SIPLACE X-Series can achieve the required assortment speed and precision. Siemens siplace x2s is suitable for automotive electronics, mobile phones, tablets, laptops, LED placement and more. It provides customers with speed, assortment dpm, stable 0201 (metric) handling, non-stop line setup conversion, and fast new product import. ASM_SIPLACE Mounter - Siemens Mounter SIPLACE X4S X-Series delivers performance that no other equipment manufacturer can match.



Siemens mounter SIPLACE X4S

1、Machine features:SIPLACE X4 S

2、Quantity of cantilever:4

3、IPC speed:105,000cph

4、SIPLACE benchmark evaluation: 125,000cph

5、Theoretical speed: 170,500cph

6、Machine size: 1.9x2.3m

7、Mounting head characteristics: MultiStar

8, Component range: 01005-50x40mm

9, placement accuracy: ± 41μm / 3σ (C & P) ± 34μm / 3σ (P & P)

10, Angular accuracy: ± 0,4 ° / 3 σ (C & P) ± 0,2 ° / 3 σ (P & P)

11, assorted component height: 11,5mm

12、Mounting force:1,0-10Newton

13, Conveyor type: single track, flexible double track

14, conveyor belt mode: asynchronous, synchronous

15, PCB format: 50x50mm-850x560mm

16, PCB thickness: 0,3-4,5mm (other sizes can be customised upon request)

17、PCB weight: 3kgs

18、Component supply and feeding                                    

19, feeder capacity: 160 8mmX feeder module

20、Feeder module type:        

       SIPLACE Component Trolley,SIPLACE Matrix Tray Feeder (MTC),Waffle Tray (WPC5/WPC6),.

       JTF-S/JTF-MSIPLACE,X Feeder,Tray Tray,Vibrating Tube,Vibrating Feeder,Custom OEM Feeder Module

21, pick-up rate: ≥ 99,95%

22, DPM rate: ≤ 3dpm

23、Lighting level: 6 levels of illumination 


       Machine size, only for the main body of the device

       PCB format: Extended input and output rails allow board lengths up to 850mm.

ASM_SIPLACE Mounter-Siemens Mounter SIPLACE X4S Product Selling Points

X-Series performance unmatched by other equipment manufacturers

1. Global placement speed:

The quad cantilever SIPLACE X4i S sets an industry record with placement speeds of up to 200,000 cph.

2、SIPLACE SpeedStar

The world's fastest mounting head can handle even metric 0201 components without any loss of speed.

ASM-SIPLACE-HeadX is especially suitable for high-speed applications SIPLACE SpeedStar 20 - Segment Collect & Place head

3. SIPLACE SpeedStar 20

Especially suitable for high-speed applications:

SIPLACE SpeedStar 20 - Segment Collect & Place placement head. 

4、SIPLACE MultiStar

The world's first mounting head capable of switching on-demand between collection, pick-and-place, and hybrid modes.

5、SIPLACE Software

Powerful software plays an increasingly important role in the production of electronic products.

6、Single track or double track

Choose the type of track that suits your company's production requirements: SIPLACE single-track conveyor belts or flexible dual-track conveyor belts.



7. Intelligent Conveyor Belt

What you need, the SIPLACE X-Series is available in single or double track operation!


8. SIPLACE conveyor belts - to meet your needs:

SIPLACE dual-track conveyor belts can be operated in synchronous or asynchronous production modes. You can also choose to use the intelligent placement mode of the SIPLACE X4i to optimise running performance.

9. SIPLACE Glue Feeder - flexible dispensing mode:

The SIPLACE Glue Feeder triggers a revolution in adhesive application while enabling flexibility and easy upgrading to a feeder.


10、SIPLACE X Feeder

Intelligent feeder with non-contact power supply and data transmission for high accuracy, reliability and low maintenance requirements

11, SIPLACE feeders - more production space:

The SIPLACE X series offers space for up to 160 intelligent SIPLACE X feeder modules. 

12、SIPLACE Digital Imaging System

Our digital cameras don't miss a single detail, helping you to achieve the highest quality and reliability.

13. Intuitive:

SIPLACE workstation software provides intelligent user commands to ensure error-free operation. 

14. Space-saving:

Compared with its predecessor, the SIPLACE X-Series equipment has been greatly simplified, which helps to exploit all the available space on your production floor.

15. SIPLACE Vision Teaching System - enables continuous operation of the production line:

With the offline component auto-learning machine, you can specify the components to be placed with just a few easy mouse clicks offline. 

Siemens mounter SIPLACE X4 S product features: 

1、SIPLACEX:Top SMT Production Line

2、Numerous electronic product manufacturers believe that: no matter where the nominal value of the SIPLACEX series can achieve the required assortment speed and accuracy (for mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptops, LED placement, etc.).

3, to provide customers with the speed, assortment of low dpm, stable 0201 (metric) processing capacity, non-stop line setup conversion and fast new product import and other functions.

4, SIPLACEX series with cantilever modular function, can provide 2, 3 or 4 cantilever.


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