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Siemens placement machine HF3

Siemens placement machine HF3

Detailed introduction

Siemens placement machine HF3

Siemens placement machine

Siemens placement machine SIPLACE HF3 high-speed general-purpose placement machine parameters:

HF3 material station: 180

HF3 placement head: 3 XY-axis cantilevers 
HF3 production year: 2004-2006
HF3 placement speed: 40000/H
HF3 placement accuracy: ±60 micron standard, ±55 micron DCA, ±0.7°/(4σ)
PCB thickness 0.3-4.5 mm (requires thicker PCBs)
HF3 can be attached to the PCB size:
when in single track:

PCB from 50mm x 50mm to 450mm x 508mm;
50mm x 80mm to 610mm x508mm (‘longboard’ option)
when dual track:

PCBs from 50 x 50mm to 450mm x 250mm
50 x 80mm to 610mmx250mm (“long board” option)
HF3 mountable component range:
from the smallest 0201 or even 01005 chips all the way to flip chips, CCGAs and 100g, 85 x
Siemens placement machine HF 3 for special-shaped components with a size of 85/125 x 10mm   comes from abroad. The Siemens HF3 there is favored by SMT buyers because of its short use time and good maintenance, which enables the equipment to be reused for a longer life, with higher precision and better stability. Welcome friends to our company to purchase Siemens placement machine HF3 high-speed general-purpose machine.

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