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Siemens placement machine D1

Siemens placement machine D1

Detailed introduction


Siemens placement machine D1 comes from Japan or Europe. The SMT equipment there has less usage time and good maintenance, so the equipment can be reused for a longer life, with higher precision and better stability. Therefore, it is favored by SMT buyers.

Our company specializes in selling Siemens placement machines D1. The company has a large inventory and a professional technical team that can answer customers' problems in a short time. We have about 40 after-sales service engineers to serve customers 24 hours a day. The spare parts warehouse stores a large number of replaceable parts. The electronic maintenance department can help customers repair to the board level.


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The concept of SIPLACE D1/D1s is completely new. Although it is only a single cantilever placement machine , it can be equipped with one (SIPLACE D1s) or two (SIPLACE D1) placement heads according to customer needs. Both flexible single-cantilever placement machines combine proven technology with new technology. Not only are there SIPLACE S feeders that are compatible with existing machine platforms, but there are also powerful linear drive technologies from the SIPLACE platform.

The newly developed SIPLACE pick-and-place head corresponding to complex components can achieve higher placement accuracy, the SIPLACE digital imaging system, the latest version of SIPLACE software with functions, SIPLACE flexible dual-rail transmission system, optional: SIPLACE imaging learning that can be set offline workstation.  


Technical Parameters:

Theoretical performance value: up to 20,000CPH

IPC value up to: 13,000CPH

Accuracy: ±30μm,±0.05゚@3δ

PCB size: single rail transmission 50 x 50 to 610 x 508mm

Dual-rail transmission: 50 x 50 to 610 x 430mm

PCB thickness: standard 0.3 to 4.5mm (others available on request)

Material supply: 90 8mm rails

Component range: 01005" - 200 x 125mm

Quality: Pickup rate: >/= 99.95%

DPM rate: Settings: Powered by 200/ 208/ 230/ 380/ 400/ 415VAC ±5%, 50/60Hz

Air supply: 5.5bar (0.55MPa) - 10bar (1.0MPa)

Dimensions: Larger 1587 x 2636 x 1980mm (LxHxW)

Weight: 2325kg (basic machine with 2 feeders)

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