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Panasonic placement machine DT401-F

Panasonic placement machine DT401-F

Detailed introduction


Panasonic placement machine DT401-F can directly absorb the tray feeder and material rack to exchange the trolley at one time, improving the utilization rate. Adopt direct suction adsorption. The transfer placement head directly absorbs the tray components and can perform high-speed placement of various weird-shaped components.

Pallet supply in operation

The replenishing section installed on the upper part of the feeder enables pallets to be supplied when the material is out of production without stopping production.

Material rack exchange trolley at one time

When the machine model is changed, the tape-type material rack can be replaced at one time. A standard equipment pressure-controlled placement head is used, corresponding to the plug-in connector. The pressure-controlled placement head can mount most plug-in connectors through a 3-link device, achieving a maximum pressure of 50N. It can be used to cope with large components such as 1005 chips, BGA, CSP, and connectors. It has a wide range of component corresponding capabilities and can mount 1005 chips to large components such as BGA, CSP, and connectors. Using Panasonic SMT machine - Panasonic high-speed SMT machine CM402 module SMT machine public intelligent material rack. There are 5 types of tape-type material racks that can adjust the feeding distance, corresponding to all types of tapes, and bulk material racks are also available.

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Technical Parameters:

Model name: DT401-M DT401-F

Model: KXF-E53C KXF-E64C

Base size: L50mm x W50mm to L330mm x W250mm L50mm x W50mm to L510mm x W460mm

Placement cycle time: 0.7s/chip (tape, bulk material) 0.8s/QFP (single pallet) 1.2s/QFP

Mounting accuracy: +-50um/chip cpk>1, +-35um/QFP()Cpk>1

Component size: 1005 chip - L100mm x W90mm x T25mm

Replacement time: 2.0s 0.9s (substrate length 240mm x below)

Power supply: three-phase AC200-400v, 1.7kVA

Air pressure source: 0.49MPa, 150L/m (ANR)

Equipment size: W1260 mm x D2512mm x H1430mm W1260 mm x D2722mm x H1430 mm

Weight: 1400KG 1560KG


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