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Siemens TX2i placement machine

Siemens TX2i placement machine

Detailed introduction

Siemens placement machine TX2i placement machine parameters:  

Number of cantilevers: 2  

IPC speed: 67,000cph  

SIPLACE Benchmark: 78,000cph  

Theoretical speed: 103,800cph  

Machine size: length x width x height: 1.0x2.2x1.45*m  

Placement head characteristics: SIPLACETwinStar  

Component range: 0201-55x45mm  

Mounting accuracy: ±22μm/3σ  

Angle accuracy: ±0.05°/3σ  

Maximum component height: 25mm  

Mounting pressure: 1.0-15N  

Conveyor belt type: flexible double-track conveyor  

Conveyor mode: asynchronous, synchronous, independent placement  

PCB format: Flexible dual-rail transmission: 45x45mm-375x260mm  

Dual-rail transfer in single-rail mode (optional): 45x45mm-375x460mm  

PCB thickness: 0.3mm-4.5mm  

PCB weight: 2.0kg maximum  

Larger conveyor slot: 80 8mm X feeder positions  

Feeder module types: SIPLACE intelligent tape feeder, SIPLACE linear dip feeder, SIPLACE dispensing feeder, SIPLACEJTF-ML  

Professional maintenance provided by ASM will ensure that your SIPLACE equipment operates well throughout its life cycle.  

We offer a variety of service contracts to make your job easier. 

Product features of Siemens placement machine SIPLACE TX2i:  

SIPLACETX: high performance and precision in a very small footprint  

SIPLACETX placement modules set new standards for high-volume production. No other placement solution can achieve this in such a small footprint (only 1m x 2.3m),  

Achieving an accuracy of 25µm@3sigma and a speed of up to 78,000cph. You can place next-generation components at full speed just like any other component  

The smallest component (0201 metric = 0.2 mm x 0.1 mm).  

At just 1 meter wide (equivalent to 3.3 feet), single and double boom machines can be flexibly adjusted in the production line. The improved new generation SIPLACESpeedStar,  

The placement head always delivers high performance and greater placement accuracy. In conjunction with SIPLACEMultiStar and SIPLACETwinStar placement heads, you can handle most components.  

SIPLACETX placement modules are programmed with SIPLACE Software Suite and feature matching feeder options and our dual guide rails to support efficient high-volume production,  

Non-stop line product switching and current more advanced production concepts.



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Address: 201, Building 4, Innovation Port, Hanyu Bay, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen