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Siemens SX2 placement machine

Siemens SX2 placement machine

Detailed introduction


Siemens placement machine SX2 machine parameters:   

Number of cantilevers: 2  

IPC speed: 59,000cph  

SIPLACE Benchmark: 74,000cph  

Theoretical speed: 86,900cph  

Machine size: 1.5x2.4m  

Placement head features: MultiStar  

Component range (mm²): 01005-50x40mm  

Mounting accuracy: ±41μm/3σ(C&P)~±34μm/3σ(P&P)  

Angle accuracy: ±0.2°/3σ(C&P)~±0.1°/3σ(P&P)  

Maximum component height: 11,5mm  

Mounting force: 1,0-10 Newtons  

Conveying type: single track, flexible double track  

Conveying mode: asynchronous, synchronous, independent placement mode  

PCB version size: 50x50mm-larger 850x560mm  

PCB thickness: 0.3-6.5mm  

PCB weight: 3kg more  

Feeder capacity: 120 8mmX feeders  

Product features of Siemens placement machine SIPLACE SX2:  

SIPLACESX series: placement solution for small batch and multi-variety SMT production  

The SIPLACESX series focuses on scalability and flexibility. Customers can quickly introduce new products and quickly change settings without shutting down the line.  

Products can be produced in any batch size, improving availability and efficiency.  

Whether for automotive, automation, medical, telecommunications or IT infrastructure – the SIPLACESX series meets quality,  

All requirements including process reliability and speed.  

Want to expand your SMT production line as needed?  

With its unique exchangeable cantilevers, SIPLACESX is a placement solution that can be fully expanded according to needs. Increase production capacity when needed,  

Reduce production capacity when order volume decreases. We call it SIPLACE on-demand expansion. 


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Address: 201, Building 4, Innovation Port, Hanyu Bay, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen