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Siemens placement machine HS50

Siemens placement machine HS50

Detailed introduction

Product Features:

Siemens HS50 placement machine is equipped with 4 XY main cantilevers. Each rack has a star-shaped 12-nozzle pick-and-place head. The placement head takes turns picking up parts from a fixed feeder and placing these parts on a fixed PCB board. Its characteristics are as follows:

1. Part tapes of all sizes can be filled by joining a new tape behind the soon-to-be-used tape. This eliminates downtime due to part filling.

2. The fixed, shock-proof feeder ensures reliable picking up of even the smallest parts (such as 0201 and 0402 chips).

3. Due to the flexibility of the 12-nozzle pick-and-place head (its ideal nozzle setting and automatic designation), the moving distance is reduced to a minimum, thereby optimizing the placement sequence. 


 Siemens placement machine HS50.png

Technical Parameters: 

Component range: 0.6X0.3mm2 (0201) to 18.7x18.7mm2

Higher placement accuracy: 90um (4sigma)

HS50 placement machine circuit board size: (L * W)

Monorail 50X50mm2 to 368X216mm2 (2"X2" to 14.5"X18")

Double rail 50X50mm2 to 368X216mm2 (2"X2" to 14.5"X8.5")

Feeder capacity: 144 rails, 8mm belt

Feeding table: 4 sets

HS50 power: 4KW

Compressed air: 6.5-10bar, 950NI/min, pipe diameter 3/4"

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