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Siemens placement machine X4

Siemens placement machine X4

Detailed introduction

Product Features:

 Siemens placement machine X4 achieves the greater speed and accuracy required wherever the SIPLACEX series is rated. (Applicable to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, LED placement, etc.). Provide customers with the highest speed, lower dpm, stable 0201 (metric) processing capabilities, non-stop setting conversion and rapid new product introduction and other functions. The SIPLACEX series has a modular cantilever function and can provide 2, 3 or 4 cantilevers. With the above advantages, SIPLACEDi has unparalleled excellent cost performance in the industry and is extremely attractive to existing and potential users. Its outstanding flexibility and placement quality (01005 capability) make the SIPLACEDi series an ideal platform for highly mixed production environments in the standard and high-performance market segments.




Technical Parameters: 

1. Number of cantilevers: 4

2. Placement head type: SIPLACE 12 nozzle collection placement head

3. Mounting speed:

  - Performance of IPC: 81,000 CPH

  - SIPLACE benchmark performance: 90,000 CPH

  - Theoretical performance: 124,000 CPH

4. Mountable component range: 01005 to 200x125 (mm2)

5. Mounting accuracy: ±41um/3σ

     Angular accuracy: ±0.5 degrees/3σ

6. Guide rail fixed side: left to right

7. Size of PCB that can be pasted:

  - Single conveyor rail: 50mm x 50mm-450mm x 535mm

  - Flexible double conveyor guide rail: 50mm x 50mm-450mm x 250mm

8.PCB board thickness: standard 0.3mm to 4.5mm

9.PCB board weight: 3KG more

10.PCB exchange time: <2.5 seconds

11. PCB positioning accuracy: ±0.5mm

12. Floor area: 6.7m2

13. Greater noise: 75dB (A)

14. Indoor temperature: 15°-35°

15. SIPLAcE X4 weight: 3880KG (including material trolley)

                   4255KG (feeder full


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Mail box:

Address: 201, Building 4, Innovation Port, Hanyu Bay, Fuhai Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen